Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 days :) :)

I find out where I'm going in 4 days! I'm SO excited. So Arthur is officially moved in and its so much fun so far. We took him to the nuggets game the night before he moved in and we got a picture with Rocky :) He took me to a Rotary meeting today and introduced me to a lot of people and Haemish talked about his experience here. He leaves on January 14th. I can't believe his year is already over!

Soooo Saturday will be a super busy day. All the outbounds and inbounds from around Wyoming meet at LCCC and interview. We meet and 7:45 and get fitted for our rotary blazers and then we get interviewed for a long time with our parents and then we get interviewed without our parents and they get interviewed without us and then we go to a "country fair". Someone from Belgium that lives in Buffalo will be there and I really want to talk to him. And then we finalize our three choices and find out where we are going that night!

After we all find out where we'll be spending the next year of our lives(!!) all the outbounds (Katy, Morgan, and Abby) are coming over and spending the night and it will be lots and lots of fun :)

Arthur and me with Rocky
And Tanner Arthur and I at the Nuggets game :)

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