Sunday, December 5, 2010

Belgium :)

I'm going to Belgium! Heck yes :) So last night all the exchange girls came over and Morgan was the "only" one who knew what country she was going to so Katy "wanted" to know and Abby and I were dying to find out so we called Beth and asked if she was home and we said we were gonna drop a present by so we went to Baskin Robbins with Arthur and all of us and got her a cake that says "thanks for everything Beth." BUT on the way there Katy was like "guys I have something to tell you." we're like what? and she's like I'M GOING TO ECUADOR. COOOOL dirty liar!!!! "But we're also SUPER happy for you."

So we go to Beth's and eat the cake (she doesn't but we do) and talk and practically beg to hear our countries and she told us all that we interviewed really well but I was the second best interviewer and the first girl went to Argentina so by using deductive reasoning I am going to Belgium :) But they haven't called me.

So while we were at Beth's house Mexico, Argentina, and BELGIUM were there and they started hot tubbing so we hot tubbed with them for a while and talked about the awesome parties they have and clubbing and what not :) Then we went home and talked for a LONG time and made a lot of plans for an awesome exchange even though they're splitting us up and putting us on two different continents. It was a very fun night. Katy, you're awesome.

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