Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh mmmm geeeee :)

Today is one of the coolest days of my life so far. Hands down. We got to LCCC at 7:45 for blazer fitting and sign in and then we went to a "country fair" where we talked to people from all the different countries rotary had represented in our district, 5440. All the boys showed up late except Arthur haha :) The girl from France was probably the cutest thing I've ever met in my life. Haemish was totally in love with her. SO cute :) So I went and talked to people from France, Belgium, India, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Australia, Germany, and probably more. It was fascinating!

So after that we had to do interviews with our parents and two other groups. We were interviewed by 5 different rotarians and inbound students asked us questions too. Katy was in my group along with a girl named Hunter and it was so hard to answer in a way that the other two hadn't! So after that we went to other inbound students and they asked us less intense questions. In the first interview, they asked us what we would do if our younger host brother was looking at porn on a shared computer and the host parents were worried it was us. Um....? The second interview asked us when the last time we laughed so hard we cried was. I liked the second interview better :) We also had to have a psych evaluation. It was so hard! The girl was so intense and was psychoanalyzing me and asking me questions I'd never even thought about in my entire life. And she could totally tell if you lied :( It. Was. So. Frightening. After that we turned in our final countries choices (1-Belgium. 2-Denmark. 3-Czech Republic later changed to France.)

All the rotarians had to stay during lunch to decide where we go so the families had to take out the inbounds. I told Haemish, Bernice(french girl), and Arthur they should go with us to the Pie Lady and then more and more people didn't have anyone to go with so we just took them with us too! Katy, Morgan, and Abby took some to meet us at there so there was about 6 outbounds and 12 inbounds at my table and 8 of our parents at the other table.  COOLEST LUNCH I'VE EVER BEEN TO. There were people from Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, France, Australia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, and I don't even know who else. We talked about so much and laughed so much. We decided that even though Haemish has been here the longest and speaks English anyways, he was the hardest to understand :) Gosh. So fun.

So then we go back to LCCC and wait for them to tell us what's going on. And we wait. Andddd we wait. So like 45 minutes after we got back they call out Morgan and tell the rest of us we can go and they'll call us tonight or tomorrow and let us know. When they called out Morgan they asked her if she wanted Mexico, Brazil, or Argentina and she had to pick one of them for some reason so she picked Brazil. So Morgan is like the only who knows and I'm so anxious!!!! Libby was there and helped pick who went where and I asked here when I would find out and she said I got one of my top two choices. So I'm either going to DENMARK!!!!!!!!!! or BELGIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, life is good :)

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