Sunday, February 20, 2011

Host Family #1

I got an e-mail the other day from Clementine, and she told me that her family was going to host me first! She is 17 and has two sisters, Geraldine and Amelie. Geraldine is 21 and Amelie is 24. When I go to Belgium, she will do a Rotary Exchange to Southern California. I don't know if I'll get to meet her but I hope I do! We've been talking on facebook and I'm really excited to move :) Amelie lives at home and goes to the same college as Geraldine a few miles away, but Geraldine lives in the dorms. The dad owns a restaurant, le Jardin de Fiorine, and the restaurant is on the first floor of the house and they live above it! Their grandparents also live with them but Clementine told me that their house was very big. The restaurant faces the river meuse, and it's in the center of Dinant, within walking distance of everywhere!! I haven't talked to the mom or the dad yet, but we're supposed to Skype soon. My french is roughhh. It takes so much energy to write back to Clementine. I write in French to her and she replies in English. Here are pictures of my school (Notre-Dame de Bellevue, Dinant). I'm pretty sure it used to be a palace or something. It is insane!

 Palace :)

And here is the outside of the restaurant :)

The river Meuse

The inside of the restaurant-super pretty!!

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